A consumer-controlled, HIPAA-compliant, personal health record for people coping with complex challenges such as addiction, Alzheimer's, arthritis, autism, cancer, cerebral palsy, colitis, cystic fibrosis, dementia, depression, diabetes, fitness, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, pain, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.
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SmartPHR Health Aware Mobile App--Consumer Controlled Portal to Electronic Health Records (EHRs)--Provider Controlled Personal Health Records (PHRs)--Vendor Controlled Mobile Apps for Chronic Conditions Mobile Apps for Fitness
Availability, Security, & Privacy          
Your health information is stored on your mobile device for 24/7 availability even when your mobile connection is weak or blocked, as in an emergency department or hospital. Y N Y Y Y
You may back up your data to a secure HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting facility, giving you 24x7 online data availability even when your device is lost or stolen. Y N Y Y N
You may authorize deletion of your data from remote servers, storing data only on your mobile device when you are particularly concerned about third-party snooping. Y N N N N
You exclusively control the access of all users to your app account, with no exceptions for individuals you have not authorized, even if they are the business associates of your providers. Y N N N N
None of your personally identifiable data (including but not limited to HIPAA-protected health information or PHI) is resold or disclosed to third parties you have not explicitly authorized. Y Y Y Y N
A Hub for Your Fragmented Health Records          
You may include in your clinical summary data about all your allergies and drug sensitivities, health problems, drugs, supplements and lifestyle interventions recommended by all your providers. Y Y Y N N
Motivation for Achieving Your Personal Best          
You set goals, in partnership with all your providers, for symptom relief and for a healthier lifestyle. Y Y Y Y Y
You link your providers' instructions to your symptom relief and your lifestyle goals. Y Y Y Y N
Daily Reminders of Providers' Instructions          
You get a daily prompt for fast and easy reporting of compliance with instructions of all providers and attainment of all your symptom relief and lifestyle goals. Y N N N N
Timelines Linking Compliance, Instructions, and Goals          
Your daily reports automatically display in timelines linking your compliance with providers' instructions to your symptom relief and lifestyle goals. Y N N N N
A Handy Reference When You Go for Care          
You share your clinical summary and your instruction compliance and goal attainment timelines, without concerns about inaccuracy, with providers who repeatedly ask you the same questions. Y N N N N
Visualize Patterns of Instructions, Goals, and Test Results          
You look at your timelines and see instructions, which alone or in combination, contribute to desired improvements in symptom relief and lifestyle goals, while other instructions do not. Y N N N N
Data-Driven Decisions with All Your Providers          
You show patterns in your timelines to your primary-care provider, care coordinator, and specialists, and with their help formulate a unified action plan that includes instructions that work best for you. Y N N N N
Peace of Mind about Travel and Emergencies          
You examine your action plan for gaps related to travel and emergencies, get input from all your providers, and adjust your plan until you feel reasonably ready for life's surprises. Y N N N N
You share your clinical summary, action plan, instructions and goals with new health care providers when traveling and with emergency responers during crises. Y N N N N
Note: This table is not a guarantee of the features, functions and performance of the SmartPHR® Health Aware app V1.R0. The alternatives presented in the chart represent generalizations of the offerings in those categories, are intended to summarize publicly available information from vendors of products in those categories, and do not represent the specific features of any particular product. ©2014 Prosocial Applications, Inc. All rights reserved. SmartPHR® Health Aware is a registered trademark of Prosocial Applications. Like No Other App™

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