Type of Feedback

Report a bug. To report a serious performance issue, give a step by step description of the date(s) and time(s) when you noticed the problem, what you were doing with the app, and how the app responded. (For example, "On April 15 at about 9am, I logged into the app, touched Manage My Health, touched My Progress, touched My Energy Timeline. The screen froze, I used the back arrow and instead of being returned to Manage My Health, was logged out of the app.")

Request an enhancement. To report an issue that interferes with the convenience or the usefulness of the app, describe what you don't like about a specific feature and how you'd prefer that it work. (For example, "I want to be able to add a note to my daily ratings of progress.") 

Request a new feature. Describe a new feature that you'd like to see in a future version of the app and how this feature would help you and others like you.

You can find the Version by touching Settings > General > About on your iPhone. The location of your Android model name and number will depend upon your particular device. We need this information for an effective response to your report of a performance issue.

We want all the feedback we can get from our registered users, including beta testers, about the SmartPHR® Health Aware app. Submit this form to report bugs and usability issues, and to request future improvements. We often communicate with registered users about their feedback, particularly about issues that interfere with ease or value of app usage. So that we can respond to your feedback, please complete all required fields below (*). If you are not a registered user, Contact Us. If you are a registered user and want help with management of your app account, go to My Account.