a. The first and last names you enter when you download and sign up for the app cannot be changed, because they are
​ the basis for assignment of a unique, unduplicated User Name to an app account. For example, if you entered your
husband's name as John Smith, his assigned User Name might look something like this:
​ John.Smith777@direct.smartphr.com.
b. To preserve your husband's app account, backup data in his account on your device and then have your husband
download the app to his mobile device and sign in with the User Name and password you created on your device. All
​ the data you entered for him on your device should now appear in the app on his device.
c. Delete the app from your device.
d. Download the app to your device and sign up for an account with your first and last name.Make sure to write down
and store safely the User Name that is assigned you and the password you created. (#14-037)
USER NAME, FORMAT After I entered my first and last name, the app automatically created a User Name for me. What is the format for User Name? If your name is a common one, such as Mary Smith, your User Name will look something like this: Mary.Smith555@direct.smartphr.com. (#14-043)

USER NAME, LOSS What if I lose my User Name? Make sure to write down the user name that we assign you and store your written note in a safe, non-electronic place such as your wallet. To prevent identity theft and access unauthorized by you to your app account we do not retrieve lost user names. If you do lose your user name, download the app and re-enter your data. (#14-042)

Link goals to instructions and track progress? Show Me. (#14-049)

Delete CLINICAL SUMMARY information from your phone?* Show Me. (#14-047)

Add new CLINICAL SUMMARY information? Show Me. (#14-046)

Frequently Asked Questions

GOALS, BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) What is the normal range for Body Mass Index (BMI)? BMI is a more accurate representation for body weight, since it is corrected for the person’s height. The normal range for BMI is 18.5-24.9. It represents a ratio of weight divided by height. This normal range is the same for adult men and women with no age correction. Overweight is defined as a BMI of 25 or higher, and obesity is defined as a BMI of 30 or higher. (#14-053)

GOALS, HEMOGLOBIN A1c (HbA1c) What is Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c, glycated or glycosylated hemoglobin) and how is it used? HbA1c blood levels are used to reflect the longer-term blood sugar (glucose) control in people with diabetes and prediabetes. Those with HbA1c values of 5.7-6.4% are felt to be at risk for diabetes, while values of 6.5% and above indicate the diagnosis of diabetes. In diabetic patients on treatment, the goal is to keep HbA1c below 7%. There are no age or gender corrections. In the US, current units are expressed in DCCT % as above. In Europe, IFCC units are used (mmol/mol), requiring a conversion. (#14-055)

GOALS, PROSTATE SPECIFIC ANTIGEN (PSA) What is the normal range for PSA? The normal range for PSA depends on your age. For men age 50 or less, the normal range is 0.3-2.5 ng/ml (nanograms permilliliter of blood). For those age 50-59, it is 0.3-3.5, for ages 60-69, it is 0.3-4.5, and for those age 70 and greater, it is 0.4-6.5. As a general guide, the upper normal of 4.0 ng/ml is often quoted, but this is an average for all ages. (#14-052)

GOALS, USER SELECTED The MY HEALTH GOALS list does not include a goal I want to work on. Why don't you allow users to write in their own goals? The data graphing, analysis, and visualization capabilities of the app will not work if users specify their goals in free text fields rather than picking goals from a list. Coming soon, an expanded list including user-recommended goals. Please tell us about your recommendations for additional goals on the Contact Us page of our website. (#14-019)

GOALS AND INSTRUCTIONS, LIMITED NUMBER Why am I limited to three goals and to two instructions per goal? With advice from your health care providers, select goals that are your current highest priorities, changing your goal selections to keep pace with changes in your priorities. It is very difficult to monitor the effect of more than two drug-related or intervention-related instructions on anyone goal and obtain useful information about the interaction of these instructions with observed changes in the goal. You can use the app to monitor those instructions that you and your providers expect to have the greatest and most immediate effect on your selected goals. Such observations are especially important when starting or stopping a specific medication or intervention or during a change in the medication dose or intervention intensity. (#14-035)

GOALS AND INSTRUCTIONS, PERIODIC INSTRUCTIONS I take an aerobics class (my Exercise Intervention) three times a week. On My BMI TIMELINE, YES for Exercise shows up each day. What should I do? Weigh yourself every day at the same time. Enter your weight every day on your BMI TIMELINE and tap SAVE. On days when you attend your aerobics class, tap YES beside Exercise andyour response is automatically saved. After at least a week of daily data entry, you can begin looking fora pattern linking aerobics class attendance to subsequent weight loss. Depending upon the pattern that emerges, you and healthcare provider may decide on more frequent exercise, addition of a diet intervention, or both. (#14-041)

​GOALS AND INSTRUCTIONS, MANY INSTRUCTIONS Two doctors have prescribed three different drugs for my chronic pain and a physical therapist has recommended a morning walk, lunchtime meditation, and evening yoga. How do I keep track of so many instructions? Let's call the drug instructions, a Drug Combination intervention and the physical therapy instructions, a Lifestyle Combination intervention. 


APP, EXIT AND RETURN Returning to the app after reading Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or Guided Tour. After you touch a link to a document outside the app, read the app, and are ready to return to the app, press the round home button at the bottom of your iPhone. This will return you to the iPhone home screen. Touch the icon for the app and continue using the app. (#14-033)

DOCUMENTS, READING OUTSIDE THE APP Reading documents on the small screen of a mobile device is difficult. We have posted legal documents related to the app, such as Terms of Service on www.smartphr.com. There you can view and download documents from your laptop or desktop computer browser. (#14-034)

Back up my data to HIPAA-compliant cloud storage? Tell Me. (#14-017)

Step 2a. On MANAGE MY HEALTH, Touch MY CLINICAL SUMMARY, select and completeentries in each category from Background to Drugs & Interventions.
Step 2b. Use the green SAVE button at the bottom of each screen to save your entries toyour mobile device for access even when your device is not connected to the Internet.
Step 2c. After entering and saving entries to your device, touch the menu icon (threehorizontal bars) at the top left of the screen and select Backup Data, saving your data to ourHIPAA-compliant cloud-hosted servers for access from a new device if your current device islost, stolen, or replaced.
Step 2d. Return to MANAGE MY HEALTH by touching the HOME icon at the top left of thescreen. Repeat Step 2 as needed to keep your information current.

Get started? Tell Me. (#14-006)

Get started? Show Me. (#14-045)

3. On ADD DRUGS OR INTERVENTION, tap Name of Intervention and use the keyboard to enter Drug Combination.
4. Tap Type of Intervention and select "Regimen of multiple drugs and supplements" from the list.​
5. Tap SAVE.
6. Tap YES when a message asks "Add another drug or intervention?"
7. On ADD DRUGS OR INTERVENTION, tap Name of Intervention and use the keyboard to enter Lifestyle Combination.
8. Tap Type of Intervention and select "Regimen of multiple lifestyle changes" from the list.
9. Tap SAVE.
10. Tap NO when a message asks "Add another drug or intervention?"
12. On MY HEALTH GOALS, tap Pain to select as a goal.
14. On MY PROVIDERS' INSTRUCTIONS, on the row labeled Pain, tap the +.
15. On DRUGS & INTERVENTIONS, tap Drug Combination and Lifestyle Combination.
​17. Tap the checkbox for MY PAIN TIMELINE and begin rating pain each day and monitoring your compliance with Drug
​ Combination and Lifestyle Combination Interventions. (#14-039)
INFORMATION SHARING DURING ADMISSION FOR CARE How do I securely share information in my app during registration or admission for care? When you visit with your doctor, are admitted for a hospital stay or urgent care, open your app to MY CLINICAL SUMMARY. Use the information in MY CLINICAL SUMMARY as a reference when filling in clipboard forms and when answering questions asked by clinical staff. You can also hand your device to providers and show them your entries in categories of MY CLINICAL SUMMARY, such as Allergies & Drug Sensitivities. There are certain questions that healthcare providers must ask you in person when registering for a visit or being admitted to a facility. Providers have to ask you (or your personal representative) these questions even if you have transferred data to them on paper or electronically. By completing entry of information in MY CLINICAL SUMMARY, you will be prepared for many standard registration and admission questions. (#14-011)

INFORMATION SHARING WITH PROVIDERS How do I securely share information in my app when my provider prescribes drugs or recommends lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise? Come prepared to each visit with each of your health care providers, by selecting up to three goals on MY HEALTH GOALS. When your provider asks, "What brought you here today?", open the app, show and discuss a goal related to that provider, and ask the provider for recommendations of goal-related interventions. With the provider, associate these recommendations with a goal in MY PROVIDERS' INSTRUCTIONS. Finally, show, and discuss with, your provider how you will employ your TIMELINES for daily monitoring of compliance with recommendations and goals. Coming soon, you will be able to authorize trusted providers for secure, convenient access to your app account. (#14-012)

KEYBOARD, EXIT How do I exit from the keyboard after I'm finished making an entry? Touch any area on the screen outside the keyboard and the keyboard will close. (#14-025)

LAB TESTS Why does MY HEALTH GOALS list include only two laboratory tests (PSA, HbA1c)? Coming soon, an expanded list of laboratory tests including user-recommended tests. Please tell us about your recommendations for additional tests on the Contact Us page of our website. (#14-021)

LOGOUT Why don't I get logged out from the app after a set period of time? Automatic logout ofan authorized user is an important security feature for web applications on computers that are shared or readily viewed by unauthorized users. Automatic logout is not customary on such personally owned mobile devices as your iPhone. And, automatic logout would make anytime/anywhere use of the SmartPHR® Health Aware app less convenient. To protect the privacy of all your information, in this app and others, do two things. First, go to Settings on your device and enable the lock screen so that after the device is idle for a few minutes, a passcode is required. Second, download from the app store one of the many free apps that enable you to find your device if lost and to wipe all data from the device if stolen. (#14-008)

PROVIDER, CONTACT INFORMATION How can I make it easy for patients to add my contact information to their apps? Coming soon, a feature enabling patients to locate their providers and import provider information from the NPI (National Provider Identifier) Registry (www.npiregistry.cms.hhs.gov). (#14-024)

SUMMARY STATISTICS I want summary statistics for my TIMELINE data. Coming soon, a TIMELINE data analytics feature. (#14-022)

TIMELINE, TODAY I have just accessed MY ENERGY TIMELINE in order to update it, why don't I see TODAY on the graph's horizontal dateline? As soon as you rate your energy, TODAY will appear on the graph's horizontal dateline (x-axis). Coming soon, when you open a TIMELINE, TODAY willappear on the x-axis. (#14-028)

TIMELINE, NOTES When rating goals and entering drug adherence information on my TIMELINES, I want a place to make notes for future reference about what happened today. Coming soon, a TIMELINE journal feature.

TIMELINE, RATING SLIDER Why is the rating slider on my TIMELINES sometimes set at 5 and sometimes at another number? When you access a TIMELINE from My Progress, the slider is preset at 5. Once you rate your goal on a TIMELINE and move the slider (for example, rating mood at 7), the slider on your other TIMELINES will be preset at that rating point (for example, 7). Regardless of where the slider is preset, just go ahead and move it to rate your goals for the day. Then use the SAVE button to preserve your entries. (#14-029)

USER NAME, CHANGE When I downloaded the app, I entered my husband's first name and last name instead of my own. How do I change the first and last name to my own?
NOTE: This is only an illustration of how to link goals to instructions in the app. Follow yourproviders' recommendations for selection of instructions and linkage to your goals. 
*Note: These steps result in deletion of information from your mobile device. When you next back upyour device, your current information (minus data you deleted) will be saved on our cloud-hosted,HIPAA-compliant, operational servers (see FAQ #14-048). To request deletion of your information fromoperational servers, see FAQ #14-013. 
Step 1. SIGN UP Download the app, select Sign Up and enter required information. Check that youhave saved your User Name to a safe, convenient, non-electronic place (such as your wallet).
Step 2. MY CLINICAL SUMMARY Stay logged in or login.
MUSTS What must I do when using the app? (1) As you enter data, use the SAVE button to storeentries on your device. (2) After you finish entering data, with your device powered on and receiving astrong mobile signal, tap Menu (three horizontal bars at the top left of the app screen) and Backup Data.A "Backup Successful" message indicates your data have been stored on our cloud-hosted HIPAAcompliant servers. (#14-025)

ACCESS WITHOUT INTERNET CONNECTION Can I access data in my app when my device is not connected to the Internet? Yes. When your device is turned on, fully charged, but not connected tothe Internet, as is often the case in hospitals and emergency departments, you can still access data inyour app and use app functions. (#14-010)

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE What does "anytime, anywhere" really mean? It means that you can access data in your app and use the app so long as your device is powered on and charged, with or without an internet connection. (#14-023)

APP ACCOUNT, ONE PER PHONE Can I create app accounts for each of my family members on my mobile phone? In the current version, you can only create one app account on a mobile phone.Coming soon, users can create multiple app accounts on a mobile phone. (#14-031)

APP ACCOUNT, NEW PHONE What happens if I get a new phone? On your current phone, make sure to back up your data once a day, as described in FAQ #14-025. On your new phone, download the app from the app store and login with your User Name and Password. After checking that all your dataare available in the app on your new device, delete the app from your old device. (#14-040).

APP ACCOUNT, CAREGIVER ADMINISTRATION. How do I use the app as a caregiver? Each app account represents a personal health record or Record, which stores the health-related information of a Record Holder. The user with the highest level of Record Permissions, who controls access by all other Users to the Record and the usage and disposition of Record Content, is the Record Administrator. The Record Administrator may be an adult Record Holder, the designated personal representative of an adult Record Holder, or the parent or guardian of a minor Record Holder or of an incapacitated adult Record Holder. In the current version, Caregivers who wish to serve as Record Administrators for Record Holders other than themselves should: (a) Download the app to the Caregivers' mobile phones; (b) Signup for the app with the Caregivers' self-created passwords, email addresses and mobile phone numbers but with the Record Holders' First and Last Names; (c) Get User Names for the app login that include the First and Last Names of the Record Holder; (d) Enter into the app the Record Holders' birth dates,photos, and health information. In a future release, current Caregivers and Record Holders will each receive their own User Names and login credentials. (#14-044).

​APP SCREEN CAPABILITIES Where are the app's pinch, zoom, and tilt capabilities? These capabilities are not necessary for current features of the SmartPHR® Health Aware app. In future versions,we may add some of these capabilities.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION, MANDATORY Why am I required to enter information on Sign Up and Background screens such as date of birth? If you lose your User Name or Password, we will use this information to verify you are who you say you are and not an identity thief. (#14-038)

BMI VALUES, GRAPHIC DISPLAY Are there any BMI values that will not be graphically displayed? A four-digit BMI value (resulting for example, from entry of a weight of 999 pounds and a height of 1 foot) is very unlikely and will not display on the BMI TIMELINE. (#14-026)

DELETION OF DATA FROM COMPANY SERVERS How do I request deletion of my data from your servers? We take the preservation of your data very seriously. To prevent deletion of your data contrary to your intentions, we require verification of user identity before irreversible deletion of your data from our operational servers. To request the deletion of your data, browse to www.thesmartphr.com, select My Account and submit the Delete My Data form. (#14-013)

​DIRECT EMAIL ADDRESS, C-CDA When I signed up for the app, I received a direct email address (@direct.smartphr.com) as part of my user name. What would happen if my provider were to send a C-CDA to my direct address, how would it appear in the app? In an upcoming release, if your provider were to send a C-CDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture for Meaningful Use Stage 2, http://www.healthit.gov/policy-researchers-implementers/consolidated-cda-overview), to your direct address (or if you downloaded the C-CDA from the patient portal of your provider’s EHR), it would be imported into your app account, parsed and consolidated into the clinical summary section using the Blue Button Plus mechanism (http://bluebuttonplus.org/) and made available to you via the mobile app.

ADD DRUG OR INTERVENTION, DESCRIPTION When adding an intervention, such as a diet, on the ADD DRUG OR INTERVENTION screen, can I insert a detailed description of the intervention? Currently, you can insert a brief name for the drug or intervention. Coming soon, an option on the ADD DRUG OR INTERVENTION screen for a detailed description of an intervention. (#14-018)

ADD DRUG OR INTERVENTION, DOSAGE UNKNOWN What do I enter in the “Dosage” and “Dosage Units” fields on the ADD DRUG OR INTERVENTION screen if I do not know the actual dose of a drug I take? If you do not know the actual dose of a drug you are taking, such as the number of milligrams or grams, enter the total number of pills or capsules you take daily in the “Dosage” field and select “tablet” or “capsule” from the “Dosage Units" menu.” Correct the entry when you know theactual dose and units. (#14-051)

EDIT ENTRIES How do I edit or delete an entry in MY CLINICAL SUMMARY? To edit, touch the entry and a keyboard will appear, with which you can change the entry. To delete, swipe left on the entryand a red DELETE button will appear, with which you can remove the entry. If you decide not to remove the entry, swipe right and the DELETE button will disappear. (#14-009)

​EMAILING DATA What's wrong with my taking screen shots of information in my app account and emailing it to my doctors? We strongly advise against emailing any of your health information to anyone, given the risk of disclosure of information to unauthorized and possibly malicious recipients. Many doctors do not supply email addresses to patients because HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules require them to avoid unencrypted and risky emailing of patients' protected and personally identifiable health information (PHI)(www.hrsa.gov/healthit/toolbox/HealthITAdoptiontoolbox/Privacyand-Security/underhipaa.html). Coming soon, you will be able to exchange encrypted emails with trusted providers via HIPAA-compliant Blue Button technology (www.healthit.gov/bluebutton). (#14-014)

EMERGENCIES How do I make sure that emergency responders access the app and look at MY CLINICAL SUMMARY for conditions, allergies, drugs and so forth? Emergency responders look first for your wallet and for your driver's license or other personal identification. So, put a note in your wallet near your driver's license or identification card that lists your conditions, allergies, drugs, health insurance plans, primary care provider and emergency contact phone numbers. In an emergency, your mobile phone may not be nearby, charged or have a signal. We strongly advise against disabling the lock screen of your device to make it easier for emergency responders to access your app in an emergency, because you are also making it easier for mobile-phone thieves to access sensitive financial information related to credit cards and banking. Coming soon, an option for printing your clinical summary on an emergency-responder wallet card. (#14-015)

ERROR CORRECTION I made an entry by mistake. How do I correct it? When you make entries in My Clinical Summary, check your entry before tapping the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen. To correct an entry in My Clinical Summary, swipe left on the field containing the mistaken entry, tap DELETE and insert the correct data in the field. When you enter daily information about your goals on TIMELINES, check your entry before tapping the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen. Once you have saved daily information about a goal, there is no way to go back and change the goal-related entry. When you tap YES to indicate your compliance with an instruction on a TIMELINE, your entry is automatically saved and there is no way to go back and change the compliance-related entry. Why? Our design philosophy is intended to encourage users to make daily entries about goals and compliance and prevent them from second-guessing and worrying about their entries. After all, users will make many daily entries, reducing the importance of a few natural errors. Coming soon, options for daily journal entries and event markers that users can employ to highlight inaccuracies in entries. (#14-036)

GOALS, DECIMAL VALUES After I entered a two decimal point value for HbA1c on my TIMELINE, why did the app display a one decimal point value? Your precise (multiple decimal point) entry was preserved in the database, but rounded and displayed to only one decimal point to fit the available display area on your mobile phone. In an upcoming release, a web application will enable you to view your data exactly as entered. (#14-032)

GOALS, DELETING AND REINSTATING I deleted one of my goals from My Health Goals by mistake today. What should I do? Wait a day and then you will be able to add your previously deleted goal, resulting in a new TIMELINE. Although the app allows you to delete and reinstate a goal before midnight local time on the same calendar day, the resulting TIMELINE will not function properly. (#14-030)

GOALS, BLOOD PRESSURE (BP) Are the normal ranges for Blood Pressure in men and women the same? A: Yes, the normal range for blood pressure is the same for men and women, thus no gender or age corrections are needed. Blood pressure is expressed in two numbers: the systolic and diastolicblood pressure readings. The normal range for Systolic Blood Pressure is 90-119 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) and for Diastolic Blood Pressure it is 60-79 mmHg. Although the systolic BP tends to be somewhat higher in older adults, 119/79 mmHg is still considered the normal upper threshold. The “prehypertension”range is 120/80-139/89 mmHg; for this range, life-style changes such as exercise and weight control are usually recommended. “Hypertension” is defined as a BP of 140/90 mmHg or greater, and should be addressed by a physician. (#14-054)

How do I use the app?

Back up my data to HIPAA-compliant cloud storage? Show Me. (#14-048)

Step 7a. To simplify your daily routine and ensure accurate TIMELINES, update TIMELINES soonafter the 6 pm daily prompt.
Step 7b. On each TIMELINE, make a goal-related entry for Today by touching the slide belowthe TIMELINE or by entering requested numbers below the TIMELINE. Your entry will appear onthe TIMELINE. If correct, touch SAVE, to preserve the entry on your mobile device.
Step 7c. On each TIMELINE touch YES to indicate that today you have completely followedinstructions for a goal-associated drug or lifestyle intervention and to save your entry to yourmobile device.
​Step 7d. With your device on and receiving a strong mobile signal backup your data to ourHIPAA-compliant cloud servers (Step 2c).

Login quickly? Show Me. (#14-050)

How will the app benefit me?

What is it? The SmartPHR® Health Aware app is a mobile personal health record (PHR). (A PHR, according to www.healthit.gov, is an electronic application used by patients to maintain and manage their health information in a private, secure, and confidential environment.) SmartPHR securely stores your data in a HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting facility for 24/7 online availability and on your smart phone for 24/7 offline availability. (#14-001) 

Is it right for me? The SmartPHR® Health Aware app is right for you if you want and need support coping with chronic health conditions, caring for disabled family members, and juggling complex diet, exercise, drug, and lifestyle regimens. (#14-002) 

​What will it do for me that other personal health records won't? Like many other PHRs, the SmartPHR® Health Aware app enables you to securely maintain and share an industry-standard clinical summary of demographics, emergency contacts, health insurance plans, health care providers, allergies and drug sensitivities, health problems, drugs and interventions. Unlike any other PHR, the SmartPHR offers tools (patents pending and applied for) that streamline your exclusive control over record access, selection of personal goals, monitoring of compliance with drug and lifestyle interventions, and visualization of progress toward goals. Unlike any other PHR, the SmartPHR gives you at-a-glance timelines showing your compliance with interventions and the impact of compliance on your goals for symptom relief and improved functioning. Unlike any other PHR, the SmartPHR gives you and your doctors the evidence you need to collaboratively design, implement, evaluate and refine a holistic, individualized action plan. (#14-004)

How can one app relate to many different chronic health conditions? Chronic conditions tend to cooccur. If you have one chronic condition, you are at risk for others. An estimated twenty percent of Americans are coping with chronic conditions while struggling to change unhealthy lifestyles. If you, or a family member, face many health and lifestyle challenges, you need one app that supports daily work on goals common to many chronic conditions and lifestyle regimens. The SmartPHR® Health Aware app enables you, with advice from your health care providers, to selectively target goals including activities of daily living, behavior problems, blood pressure, body mass index, confusion, energy, Hemoglobin A1c, hot flashes, mood, nausea and vomiting, pain, prostate specific antigen (PSA), shortness of breath, and sleep. (#14-005)

All my doctors have their own electronic record systems, why do I need it? Each doctor, hospital, pharmacy, lab and imaging center you visit details the services, products and recommendations they provide to you in their own electronic health record systems. In just one year, your health information is scattered in about 7 systems if you are an average Medicare patient or in about 16 systems if you are an average person with complex chronic health conditions. You are at risk for treatment errors and unsafe care in emergencies, during travel, when you change doctors, and whenever fragmented EHR records deprive health care providers of necessary information about your health status. With the SmartPHR® Health Aware app, you protect your health and your privacy, safely maintaining and instantly sharing an accurate, comprehensive, up to date clinical summary with trusted caregivers, providers and emergency responders. (#14-003)

Where is my data stored? How do I make sure that my data are preserved even if my mobile device is lost or stolen? Your data (meaning entries you have made and saved in your app account) is stored on your mobile device at the time you enter information in the app and, each time you select the Backup Data option in the app menu, backed up to our servers in a secure HIPAA compliant cloudhosting facility (www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/). (#14-016)
How do I backup my data to insure data preservation if my device is lost or stolen? After entering data in the app, touch the menu (three horizontal bars at the top left of the screen) and select Backup Data. This saves your data to our servers in a HIPAA compliant cloud-hosting facility. If your device is lost or stolen, your data entries, as of your last backup, will be accessible by downloading the app to another mobile device and signing in with your user name and password. (#14-017)
​Step 3. MY HEALTH GOALS Stay logged in or login. On MANAGE MY HEALTH, touch MY HEALTHGOALS. From the list of goals, select up to 3 goals. Green checks will appear beside your selectedgoals.
​Step 5. MY PROGRESS On MANAGE MY HEALTH, touch MY PROGRESS. You've landed onTIMELINES for your selected goals. Change the TIMELINE from one goal to another by touching thecheck boxes at the bottom of the screen.
Step 6. DAILY REMINDER At 6 pm local time each day, your device will prompt you to make entries inMY PROGRESS.